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L’Espirall de Llum S.L. – EDL Creative Water,  is a company born in Catalonia in 2003 with a field of action both nationally and internationally.

We have worked in Spain, France, Malaysia, and we have projects  in USA, Portugal, Middle East and South America, among others.

EDL Creative Water, specializes in water features, lakes, water shows with music, actors and any audiovisual and multimedia element , special effects, engine rooms, interactivity with the user and everything related with the world of water in its more creative aspect.

EDL Creative Water, belongs to a business group called
“Grupo Hado”, with other companies involved with the world of water treatment at its industrial and supplying aspects.

We have quality certificates UNE-EN-ISO 9001 : 2008 and environment UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 so we guarantee our protocol of operation as well as our relationship with the environment..

As a company involved with our environment and our society,                     EDL Creative Water, part of the group of socially responsible companies adhering to the” Global Compact “, program promoted by the United Nations to create an international network of companies involved in social responsibility and respect for the Human Rights and Natural Resources.

Also part of various associations related to the world of theme parks and the entertainment industry as the IAPPA and TEA.

In fact, we are honored to join the Board of Directors of the Europe and Middle East Division of the TEA, as part of a Professional Network Quality related to the world of the entertainment industry.

We also collaborate actively with Spanish and international universities to join the university to the workplace.