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Welcome to our new webpage

After 5 years using our old webpage, we find ” some little time ” to renew it into a most adapted and actuialized page.
And…..what’s new?
well, lots of things!
We have chosen some of our last works in water features wich has been our principal scope of work from our beginnings but, and here is the best part, we have lots and lots of news to explain!
Water Shows, lighting, music, video projections, special effects, esculptures, artistic collaborations, prototipes and our Showroom!
Well, little by little, you’ll discover all those things and we will explain it in that new seccion of our web page wich will allow to maintain our activities completly actualized.
The page is actually under construccion and it’s not finished yet but i couldn’t wait more to share with all of you!

Many thanks for your confident.

With Kind Regards.

David López

General Manager

EDL Creative Water