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For more than five years, EDL is building prefabricated concrete control rooms with all the necessary tools for the control and operation of ornamental fountains, Interactive and other water-related facilities in its most creative aspect.

These concrete rooms are prepared for transport and installation, either buried or surface.

The rooms feature a reinforced concrete cap certified to withstand weights of 2,000 kg/m2 suitable for installation in public squares and urban spaces capable of vehicle pass.

This cover has a trampella input to the engine room made ​​of stainless steel, completely sealed and with an opening system anti vandalism security.

The engine room has a lower chest for the drainage and a staircase with handrail to the entrance into the room.

You can install the required equipment such as our customer cabinets, water treatment equipment, control equipment for physical and chemical water, hydraulic pumps, photo voltaic systems batteries and everything needed.

The rooms are modular so if you want more space, can come together to create higher-dimensional rooms.

The models of the rooms are:

PF1 – Length 1500mm, width 1000mm, height 1000mm

PF2 – Length 2450mm, 24500mm Width, Height 2006mm

PF3 – Length 4900mm, width 2450mm, height 2006mm

For any particular model, please contact us.