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In the recent years, EDL Creative Water has specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of control rooms.

The experience gained during these years and the detection of the most common problems found in the work of such facilities has led to the optimization of resources and time in the design such as the manufacturing and assembling, acquiring a strategic perspective while thinking appropriate solutions for the customer to visualize the finished product before the manufacturing of it through simulations in realistic environments.

From this point of view acquired, one of the most practical solutions for our clients is the possibility of the prefabricated control rooms in our facilities. This is a very clean in terms of unnecessary emissions work, since the fact of being made at home, cancels the unnecessary fuel consumption journeys to the work site during this process and the use of electric generators and other low efficient energy sources.

All rooms are designed with aesthetics in mind for its ease of use and are delivered fully documented and labeled for maximum efficiency and comfort while making maintenance.

Another possibility that we offer, if the client so wishes, is the creation of small explanatory documents in video format, which provides an introduction to the design of these rooms, by showing the 3D environment used for the design of these, indicating all elements installed, its purpose and the correct procedure for maintenance. This documentation, as well as the rest that comes with the product can be placed in the same control cabinet for easy access via mobile device such as a digital tablet.

All our products are guaranteed to be designed and built taking into account the previous analysis of its life cycle.