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The Showroom is an interactive space that combines technology and creativity to provide the viewer with the magic of a live show. A place where the water takes the forms their imagination reveals tand become an audiovisual representation, either mixed with live music, plays and all kinds of coupling can be transformed into real artistic appetizers Art pure and you can almost touch the fingers. This space is also used for EDL Creative Water  for presentations of new projects and events related to the world of art, and also serves as a testbed for all of our products of technical and craft production, such as research prototypes for new water effects, interactive fountains and recreational assemblies before being installed on site. The space is conceived with the idea, among others, to be part of a network of co-working among various universities and media groups for developing new projects and creating a study space recreational activities for creation of international and comparing exporting the brand “.cat” around. You may obtain a temporary assignment of this space and of course a visit to check its capabilities by sending a mail to